‘The View’ Mixes in Some Old Fashioned Heresy During Its Usual Ranting

Amidst their many supposed talents, apparently, the ladies of “The View” are also theologians now. I know what you are thinking, but take it from Sunny Hostin. She knows exactly what Jesus would do, and she doesn’t even have to wear the armband.

According to Hostin, Jesus, the Savior of the world, would be the “grand marshal at the pride parade” if he hadn’t ascended into Heaven.

There’s nothing quite like starting the day off with some good ole fashioned heresy, and “The View” is in no way an unexpected place to find it. After all, we are talking about the same show that treats the killing of children in the womb as a sacrament and insists there are no moral boundaries whatsoever on essentially any front. So why wouldn’t they go ahead and misrepresent Jesus as some kind of free-wheeling hippie with no moral authority at all?

Seriously, though, this is a common trope trotted out by the left, many of which haven’t seen the inside of a church for something other than a funeral since they were kids. It’s this idea that Christians have Jesus all wrong, and that it’s actually un-Biblical to believe Biblical values. Because if you do, then you are “judging,” and you aren’t supposed to “judge.”

Of course, that’s a complete misreading of scripture and what it means to judge someone. It’s also a complete misrepresentation of Jesus’ interactions with sinners. Yes, he approached with love and kindness in most cases (though, he cracked the whip a time or two, especially dealing with the Pharisees), but he didn’t reinforce sinful behavior. Certainly, he didn’t parade about, celebrating it. Rather, Jesus pushed people to repentance, urging them to leave their old life behind and follow him and his ways.

He didn’t go to the sinner and say “it’s all good, just keep on keeping on.” That doesn’t mean you approach others with hateful judgment. To do so would be sinful in and of itself. But it does mean you speak the truth, whatever it may bring.

Regardless, even if you put aside the arguments over the LGBT agenda and the Church, Jesus also wasn’t much for the whole “pride” thing. In fact, he pretty roundly condemned it. For that reason alone, I’m certain he wouldn’t be interested in leading a “Pride Parade” as Hostin proclaims.

Understand that this is going to continue to happen, though. The left isn’t content with just being left alone. Instead, it wants to completely wreck your belief system, forcing you to bend to its bastardized view of the world. The further we head down that path, the more complicated being a Christian in America is going to get. Everyone should be prepared because things aren’t going to get better.

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