Selective Outrage: Media Covers LGBTQ Nightclub Shooting, but Ignores Attempted Murder of 25 Sheriff’s Recruits

At least five people were killed when a gunman opened fire in a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs Saturday night; thankfully, he was stopped by brave patrons who subdued the attacker until police arrived.

It was another horrible mass shooting, and it’s deeply sad to think about the lives lost and the broken hearts of their loved ones. The media has been covering the story extensively, with the top four articles on the Washington Post website as of this writing discussing different aspects of the attack. Over at the New York Times, the top three stories all revolve around the tragedy. The Wall Street Journal doesn’t have as many articles but does have its story prominently displayed near the top of the front page.

I don’t have a problem with that. What happened in Colorado Springs was a horrific event and deserves to be covered.

What I do have a problem with, however, is the astonishing lack of interest by most media outlets in another tragic story: the deliberate mowing down of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s recruits by a deranged driver which injured 25 enlistees, several of them severely. There were broken bones, head trauma, and loss of limbs. “We’re just facing some life-altering injuries for some most severely injured recruits,” said Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

You’d assume there would also be wall-to-wall coverage of this story, wouldn’t you? And yet… I’m not able to find a single article regarding the attack in the Washington Post and only one in the Wall Street Journal. I can find two in the New York Times—but one was written by the Associated Press.

Did you know the driver (who attempted mass murder) was unbelievably freed with no charges yet filed? You wouldn’t if you read any of these publications, because I am unable to find a single story about it in any of them.

Meanwhile, horrible shootings like the one in Colorado Springs always bring out that lowest form of humanity, those who wish to politicize tragedy. RedState’s streiff wrote Sunday about how the Twitterverse is already humming with people throwing around blame at politicians like Lauren Boebert and claiming right-wing “stochastic terrorism” is the real problem here.

Although we don’t yet know what the motive of the Colorado Springs shooter was, President Biden was quick to jump in:

Does he have a similar message for the Sheriff’s recruits, some of whom are at home or in the hospital recovering from devastating injuries that will forever change their lives ? Nope. Has Governor Gavin Newsom delivered a moving speech about the sacrifices law enforcement officers make, about the dangers they must face? Nope.

The double standard of the media and politicians is appalling. While the Colorado mass murder is awful and should be investigated and written about, so too should the despicable car attack on LA County Sheriff’s recruits. That it hasn’t been a national top story speaks volumes.

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