Leftists Blame Everything on So-Called ‘Misinformation’: Midterm Election Edition!

When in doubt, blame misinformation. That seemed to be leftists and the media’s 2022 midterm elections strategy.

On this week’s episode of CensorTrack with Paiten, I exposed leftists’ and legacy media’s attempts to control the election narrative by abusing one of their favorite words: “misinformation.”

Leftists and legacy media have been skipping all over the place hand-in-hand while tossing around the word “misinformation” like giddy flower girls at a wedding.

A Washington Post reporter, for example, pontificated to readers that they should“ think twice before sharing unconfirmed reports, as none of us are immune to confusion.”

The Post also claimed that “Election Days are rife with misinformation.”

As multiple videos and reports emerged of “printer issues” and other technical problems in Maricopa, The New York Times scolded Americans for exercising their free speech rights and sharing election-related concerns online.

The Times rebuked “right-wing fraud claims” spreading online about Maricopa County in a November 8th story. Another skewed Election Day article by Bloomberg News framed “Arizona Republicans” as “election deniers” airing “baseless fraud claims over Arizona glitches.”

The Times even claimed that Americans who raised concerns on social media were just paranoid and guilty of the supposed offense of peddling dangerous views in “right-wing media.”

Bloomberg News parroted a similar angle, claiming that “Arizona Republicans are seizing on technical problems with ballot tabulation machines in the state’s largest county to make unsubstantiated claims about the validity of Tuesday’s elections.”

Even after the election, NBC Philadelphia fear-mongered that “Maricopa County remained the epicenter of election misinformation.”

It would seem that legacy media’s M.O. is to aid leftists by parroting their hive-mind narrative and denouncing every other opinion that disagrees with it as so-called “misinformation.”

Help us fight against those wishing to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with the radical leftist ideology. Call on Big Tech and media companies to mirror the First Amendment, while providing transparency, clarity on so-called “hate speech” and equal footing for conservatives.

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