Jen Psaki’s Weak Attempt to Avoid Subpoena Gets Mocked

You’ve probably noticed by now that the goalposts are constantly moving when it comes to our governmental system. To give one example, when the president is a Democrat, it’s the Republican House that is responsible for government shutdowns. Of course, when the president is a Republican, it’s the president that is responsible for government shutdowns because they refused to accept whatever excrement sandwich the Democrat House sent over. Neat trick, right?

The same applies to investigations of corruption. When Democrats hold the levers of power, they love subpoenas. In fact, subpoenas are sacrosanct and must be obeyed, lest the DOJ enforce previously unenforced laws to make sure they are obeyed. But when the shoe goes on the other foot, everything changes.

Enter Jen Psaki, a formerly great respecter of subpoenas, who once lectured the nation on the Trump administration being the only one in modern history to not possess executive privilege. As RedState previously reported, Psaki is facing a subpoena in a lawsuit charging that she and other government officials coordinated with social media companies to suppress information. Now, a judge has “openly scoffed” at her weak attempt to avoid it.

That comes via Jazz Shaw over at Hot Air.

A federal magistrate judge in Virginia openly scoffed Friday at White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s efforts to escape a deposition in a suit over alleged pressure on social media firms to censor posts on topics like Covid-19 vaccines and election fraud.

The request is being sent back to a court in Louisiana where Psaki will likely face a final defeat in her quest to stop the consequences sitting on her doorstep. What makes the situation outright comedic, though, is the reason she gave to try to avoid the subpoena. According to Shaw, Psaki believes that it would be an “undue burden” for her to be deposed in the lawsuit…because she works for MSNBC and has kids.

I mean, I’m not a lawyer, but I’m not sure it’s viable to try to skip out on a subpoena because you might have to miss a day of work. I’m also pretty sure people with kids and jobs aren’t usually allowed to avoid lawsuits they are named in, just because they don’t want to travel. Yet, here we are, with one of the main pushers of “accountability” while she was in Washington wanting to avoid accountability. What a shocker.

Let’s hope this lawsuit goes somewhere. Attempts to quash have been defeated at every turn to this point, and it’s important those that who possibly violated the rights of Americans by proxy are held accountable in some way.

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