How the Liberal Disinformation Game Works

The New York Times. Twitter.  And CBS. 

Here are two headlines and one tweet. Headline one is about The Times. The second is about Twitter.  The third is a tweet from CBS.

The first headline (from Vox) was about the reaction of Times employees to the paper’s publishing an Op-Ed in 2020 by Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton, in which the Senator called on President Trump to send in troops to put down the multiple riots sweeping American cities in the summer after George Floyd’s death. 

The New York Times staff revolt over Tom Cotton’s op-ed, explained 

Why journalists publicly revolted against a senator’s op-ed calling on Trump to “send in the troops” — a backlash culminating in the opinion editor’s resignation.

Then there is this story now unfolding around Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter: 

Twitter Verges on Collapse as Workers Quit in Revolt Against ‘Notorious Union-Buster’ Elon Musk 

And finally there was this tweet from CBS, which drew an on-point response from The New York Post in a feature on “The Week in Whoppers”: 

“Four of the five Supreme Court justices who overturned the constitutional right to abortion attended the conservative Federalist Society’s black-tie dinner marking its 40th anniversary.”

So. What do we have here?

What we have with The Times and Twitter is the realization – not for the first time – that the people who run these two media outlets – and other “mainstream” outlets as well – are far left zealots. They are the people who manage and insist that their respective organizations reflect a leftist world view – and no exceptions or dissent will be allowed.

All of which produces exactly what was seen in that CBS tweet. A tweet on the Supreme Court that the New York Post editorial board took note of and responded to – correctly – this way: 

We say: Sorry, CBS, but the justices didn’t overturn any ‘constitutional right’ — only a decision (Roe v. Wade) by a prior court that claimed to have discovered a right to abortion in the Constitution, even though legal experts (including on the left) say the founding document is silent on the issue. It’s obvious, of course, where CBS stands on abortion. But if the network’s going to be in the news business, shouldn’t it be familiar with the Supreme Court’s actions?

Which is to say, the situations at the Times and Twitter – media organizations staffed by hard core leftists – results in deliberate disinformation. Disinformation that reflects the left wing world view on whatever the topic. In the case of CBS, this resulted in a tweet that, quite glaringly, misreported the very basic facts around the Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade.

Note well this other story from The Wrap, headlined as follows: 

Obama Says Fox News and Right-Wing Media Have Created ‘a Filter’ to Prevent Open Minds Toward Liberal Candidates 

You can always giggle at the idea that the Left wants “open minds,” as if they actually want anyone to have one. This gem of a story opens as follows, bold print supplied: 

“Barack Obama stopped by The Daily Show on Thursday night, discussing the midterms, democracy as a whole and more. And, according to the former president, places like Fox News and other right-wing media outlets have created a “filter” that is preventing bipartisanship.

This wasn’t the first time Obama had gone down this road. In 2020 he went after both Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, sayin there was a “media structure” of conservatives that was supporting then-President Trump.

What former president Obama is really saying, of course, is that what once was the liberal media’s vise-like monopoly on news and how it is presented to the American people has been broken – once and for all. He doesn’t like it – and neither do the employees at The Times or Twitter. 

So the one way the left can continue to have any kind of control of the media is to have the left-leaning employees in various media organizations like The Times and Twitter assert themselves and make it clear to the owners that they are in charge – or else.

This is why the Times editorial page editor James Bennet was forced to resign after he had OK’d the publication of the Tom Cotton opinion piece. And this is why Twitter owner Elon Musk is facing the open revolt of his employees – because he wants to make Twitter a citadel of free speech – for conservatives as well as liberals.

Make no mistake. America faces a serious problem here. The American Left – no news here – is at base determined to shut down free speech, whether it’s silencing some conservative invited to speak on a college campus, or whether it’s running The New York Times and Twitter with an iron leftist fist. 

And if that results in deliberately putting out disinformation, as CBS did in that Supreme Court tweet?

Then? Too bad.

Happy Thanksgiving, America.



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