CNN’s Clown Prince Don Lemon Whines About Biden’s 80th Birthday, Says We Don’t ‘Honor Our Elderly’

It’s almost like CNN’s recently-demoted clown prince wakes up every morning, looks in the bathroom mirror, and asks himself: “How can I beclown myself on national TV, today?” Whatever Don Lemon chooses to do or say, each day, must begin with blatant hypocrisy — and generally include a whopper or two.

Welp, on Monday, Lemon, now one of three co-hosts on the newly renamed “CNN This Morning,” whined mightily, in reference to Joe Biden’s 80th birthday, that as Americans, we don’t support and honor our elderly people as much as in other countries. Lemme know when you’re finished laughing.


Lemon began his hypocritical comedy bit by bewailing the notion that anyone would question Biden’s clearly steady cognitive decline on the poor guy’s birthday, of all times:

What about the respect for elders thing that we talk about? Because we treat, I think, our elderly people not — we don’t support them and honor them as much as other countries.

Oh, please, Donnie — spare us.

Imagine for a nanosecond how effusively Don Lemon is going to “support and honor” Donald Trump on his 80th birthday. The segment’s guest, a geriatric medicine specialist named Audrey Chun, echoed Lemon:

I think one of the biggest challenges we face is ageism, right? It’s kind of the ism against your future self. That we don’t have a culture in the United States that celebrates getting older.

While I agree with Lemon in general that America’s elderly are sadly not revered as much as in many other countries, the problem, here, is the faux selective outrage of a hopelessly biased hack who, on Trump’s 80th birthday, but will likely exploit the occasion to remind his shrinking peanut gallery of all of the evils visited on America by the Devil incarnate, Donald Trump.

Earlier in the segment, Lemon seemingly excused Biden’s decline by referencing his own mom.

I was going to say, not all 80-year-olds are created equal. I just had an 80th birthday party, surprise party, for my mom. It was like, you’re going to throw an 80-year-old a surprise birthday party? She’s totally fine. She’s younger than us. She’s up, it’s five. She’s up early in the morning, she texts us every morning: good morning, morning crew! […] And she’s really, really sharp. But not all 80-year-olds are so sharp.

We got it, Don. All of us — many of whom have seen examples in our families of 80-year-old, or older, relatives whose mental acuity remains as sharp as ever, and others who’ve declined, as Biden clearly has.

Again, the good people among us respect all of our elders.

Hey — how ’bout we meet back here on Trump’s 80th birthday, and check in with Don Lemon on his “support and honor” for The Donald? That is if he’s still on the air.

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