CBS ‘Left’ Twitter to Virtue Signal; Now They’ve Truly Beclowned Themselves by Returning

We reported on CBS’s announcement on Friday that they would be “pausing” their stations’ activity on Twitter because of the “uncertainty” on the platform.

The only “uncertainty” was from leftists flipping out about free speech and melting down about Twitter firing people. But out of an “abundance of caution,” CBS said they were stopping posting on the site.

What would happen if they posted? Would they go up in flames? Turn into unicorns? Trip over the truth? Oh, no, they wouldn’t recognize that if they tripped over it. They got ratioed for their silliness, and they look even more biased with their actions. But the funny part is: who would truly miss them, with such a virtue-signaling move? No one pays much attention to them, and they need Twitter far more than Twitter needs them.

But then, when the sun rose Sunday morning, stunningly, Twitter was still here–even if some on the left had run screaming off the platform. So much for the predictions of premature death from the doomsayers on the left.

CBS woke up this morning with egg on their face. They realized that they would be cutting off their nose to spite their face with that action. So voila, they’re back!

After pausing for much of the weekend to assess the security concerns, CBS News and Stations is resuming its activity on Twitter as we continue to monitor the situation.

How long was that? Little more than a day? How much were their leftist principles worth there?

“Security concerns” — that’s pretty funny. What did they think would happen that wouldn’t happen if they were posting? They have no “security concerns” about continuing to post on TikTok, but they have concerns about free speech. What does that say about them?

But it’s too bad they couldn’t stick by their guns to stay off Twitter, as that would have improved the Twitter experience of everyone not having to deal with them.

Other media people laughed at their silliness.

They may have thought they were going to jump on board a bandwagon to isolate Musk and Twitter, but other media organizations weren’t jumping ship with them. They all need to be on Twitter because there’s no real replacement.

Democrats and leftist organizations are pushing in that direction, trying to get the government to go after the site and pressure advertisers to flee, particularly with the reinstatement of President Donald Trump’s account. We’ll have to see how that spools out, but so far, Elon has been besting the doubters and is still there.

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