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Readers know that when you watch CBS News, much of what you see is spin, but a report regarding Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop from the legacy media network on Monday really takes the cake.

On November 21, CBS News finally aired a segment “confirming” that it “independently verified” the contents of the president’s son’s computer which he left behind at a Delaware repair shop. This “news” came nearly two and a half years after the laptop first popped up during the 2020 election cycle.

Conservatives on Twitter quickly let the network have it for the Johnny-come-lately reporting.

“Two years after anyone with a functional brain realized the Hunter Biden laptop was 100% real @CBSNews has finally gotten around to reporting the Hunter Biden laptop is 100% real,” Outkick founder Clay Travis tweeted.

Raheem Kassam of The National Pulse, one of the first outlets to report on the actual contents of the laptop, added, “SURPRISE!!! Two years after many of us broke much news and independently authenticated Hunter Biden’s laptop, CBS news says ‘Yep, it’s real, and it’s bad!’ They even regurgitate stories we did 2 years ago! Can’t make this up!”

As pointed out by Travis, CBS’s Lesley Stahl even told President Donald J. Trump to his face that the issue was essentially fake news.

Two years ago Donald Trump told CBS’s Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes the Hunter Biden laptop was real and should be covered by the media. Stahl said it couldn’t be verified,” Travis tweeted. “Two years later @cbsnews has finally verified it. Trump was right. Again.”

CBS wasn’t alone in its willful ignorance.

Adding to the madness is the fact that The New York Post — which broke the story — was suspended from tweeting the article because the geniuses at the social media complex determined it was Russian disinformation. Evidence indicates other social media networks followed suit, and other Democrat-media-complex propagandists on TV and in newspapers downplayed or dismissed the story altogether.

Worse, many claimed experts had proof that it was an election ploy by nefarious actors.

Why would they think that?

Well, because in October 2020, 51 intelligence community officials signed a letter saying that Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop was Russian disinformation.

The lapdog media ate it up and broadcast that letter through the airwaves. If you even discussed the laptop in a serious manner, you were accused by some leftists of working hand-in-hand with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Now, we all know that the laptop was real. Many knew it at the time. The signatories are still seen as reputable sources. “Vaunted” journalists never issued apologies.

They probably never will admit their mistakes. If goes against the Democratic Party, they’ll simply report “last year’s news today” — or whenever it’s politically appropriate so that negative stories do the least amount of damage to the Left.

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