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On today’s show, I asked you to close your eyes and imagine that you live in San Francisco.

Oh, I’m just kidding. Don’t do that. That would be a nightmare.

I’m sorry that I even implied you should do that, but if you are some individual who is still clinging to the idea that maybe San Francisco is going to turn around … well … you shouldn’t do that.

You really should pack up your stuff and you should leave and start your life somewhere else, because there doesn’t seem to be any hope for Golden Gate City.

Consider that the city has now launched a ‘guaranteed income’ program specifically for transgendered people.

Where is this coming from?

Well, I showed you guys my BLM documentary, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, that so much money is being funneled to support these transgendered projects. 

For example, BLM donated money to experiment with building the first-ever transgendered neighborhood in San Francisco: The Transgender District.

Now, The Transgender District is assisting San Francisco in giving individuals money just for being transgendered and making below a certain income.

According to the New York Post. It’s called GIFT — Guaranteed Income for Transgendered People

GIFT’s website states, “The Transgender District and Lyon-Martin Community Health Services, in partnership with municipal city departments in the City and County of San Francisco, will provide 55 Transgender residents of San Francisco County with $1,200 a month in guaranteed income for a year and a half.”

The New York Post also reported that the guaranteed income program application provides for over 130 gender, sexuality, and pronoun options.

GIFT encourages enrollees to check all that may apply — because you might not just be one, you could be 20 of them.

Imagine that.

So some of the pronoun options on the application include “zie/zim/zis,” “fae/faer/faers,” and “tey/ter/ters.”

So if you are a tey/ter/ters,  you can go on to do this and you can fill out this application.

And yes, it is being done in part by The Transgendered District. They want to help you out by giving you $1,200 a month.

My favorite option of all the gender options — by the way, I didn’t even know this was a gender — but there’s one that’s called genderf***.


One definition says that you’re a genderf*** if “you like the idea of playing with gender cues to purposely confuse stereotypical gender expressions, usually through clothing.”

So I don’t know, maybe that means Harry Styles would be considered a genderf***? 

Again, that’s an actual real option for a guaranteed income program in a United States city. 

So if Harry Styles wants to receive $1,200 a month in San Francisco, he just has to tick that box and say, “Hey, I like to just wear dresses sometimes and play with gender go purposely confusing stereotypes and gender expression.” He could walk away a big winner.

They also have 2-Spirit, — which I just do not even care to figure out what that means.

Again, where is some of the money coming from to fund The Transgender District which is helping to produce these applications and this program? 

As I explained in my documentary, it came from donations meant to help the black lives matter movement.

That’s where the money went. In fact, $200,000 of it went to The Transgender District — which, again is now sponsoring the GIFT application process. 

So if you really cared about police shootings against black men, I hope you equally care about the tey/ter/ters.

If you’re confused and want to learn more, you can watch my documentary which exposes the fraud that is BLM and how it is now pushing radical gender theory.




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