Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh Call Out Left For ‘Exploitation’ Of Colorado Shooting | The Daily Wire

Daily Wire hosts Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh called out critics on the Left Monday for blaming Saturday night’s mass shooting inside a Colorado gay bar on conservatives who object to children being exposed to radical gender theory and irreversible medical treatments aimed at changing their sex.

Both Shapiro, on his popular podcast and radio show, and Walsh, who has been at the forefront of the fight to protect body dysmorphic children from transgender medical treatments, decried the shooting that left five dead inside Club Q in Colorado Springs. A 22-year-old man has been arrested in the shooting and police have dubbed it a hate crime. But both Daily Wire hosts rejected claims conservatives are to blame for the actions of a violent lunatic.

“The line that is going here is that if you really wish to prevent violence against gay clubs, this means you have to support every element of the progressive agenda or you are complicit,” Shapiro said. “And this is a game that only gets played by one side of the political aisle again and again and again.”

New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was among those blaming conservatives for the violence, which came a day before Club Q was to host a drag show for children. She blamed “rhetoric” from Republicans including former President Trump for a host of mass shootings, including one in May inside a Buffalo supermarket, the 2018 attack inside a Pittsburgh synagogue, and another inside a Charleston, South Carolina, church in 2015.

“And now after an anti-LGBT+ campaign, Colorado Springs. Connect the dots, GOP,” she tweeted.

Walsh, on his own popular podcast, said many on the Left appear to relish mass shootings, given how quickly some move to politicize them.

“Exploitation starts immediately,” said Walsh, star of the hit documentary, “What is a Woman?” “There’s no period of mourning, no space given for grief. There certainly isn’t a moment taken to let the dust settle and figure out what actually happened. That’s because it doesn’t matter what actually happened. All that matters is what they can say about what happened, what they can you know, do with it, how they can use it.”

Shapiro noted that neither party is free of violent extremists, and acts such as Saturday’s mass shooting are the fault of their perpetrators, not an entire side in a broad debate.


“When a Black Lives Matter fellow traveler murders Dallas police officers in 2015, that is not the fault of Barack Obama,” Shapiro said. “It’s actually not even the fault of Black Lives Matter. When a Bernie Sanders supporter shoots up a congressional baseball practice, that’s not the fault of Bernie Sanders.”

“The Left has no problem blaming tragedies like the one in Colorado Springs on their political opponents,” he added. “According to them, anyone who doesn’t support their radical social agenda is complicit. And yet they wonder why society is more polarized than ever.”

The Daily Wire will not name the suspect in the Colorado Springs attack as part of a policy aimed at depriving mass shooters of the notoriety they often crave. Although his motives and politics remain unclear for now, police say he was known to them, and had threatened to bomb his mother’s house last year.

Shapiro said the recurring pattern of people with known violent tendencies causing murder and mayhem should be the focus of society, not tying senseless crimes to political motivations.

“This sort of game is really ugly,” he said. “It’s really hideous.”



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